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A Look at Different Hepatitis Types: A

A Look at Different Hepatitis Types: A

Hepatitis is a viral infection of the liver. There are five types of hepatitis, but different viruses cause these infections, so people should avoid buying any hepatitis medication at a Pharmacy in Niagara, Canada, to self-medicate. Of the five, types A, B, and C are the most common in the US. For this article, however, we’ll be talking about Hepatitis A.

As we’ve probably mentioned before, the liver is an extraordinary organ that performs several vital purposes, one of which is fighting infections. But, when the liver becomes inflamed and infected, its other functions get affected, too.

The hepatitis A virus or HAV causes the first type of hepatitis. It is highly contagious, albeit for short-term only. It usually lasts for a few weeks to several months, after which a person completely recovers, suffering no lasting liver damage. After the recovery, the person also develops antibodies, which provides lifelong protection from any re-infection.

We at Niagara Health Centre Pharmacy want to support the betterment of your health. For this reason, we encourage everyone to express caution and get the necessary vaccinations to prevent this infection. Additionally, when managing your symptoms, make sure to consult with your physician before buying and taking OTC medications from a Retail Pharmacy in Ontario, Canada.

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